About Ourselves

Emőke Wagner

I was born in 1991, in Sopron, Hungary and I came into contact with diving for the first time in 2010 in Egypt as I spent my holiday there. It was an overwhelmingly beautiful experience. In 2011 I became a diver and continued my education afterwards in the PADI system. I heard about GUE for the first time during my PADI Instructor course, and it waked up my curiousity immediately, although at that moment I couldn't understand much about their diving philosophy, but I felt that this must be something very special and unique. From 2014 I was working with my husband on the Maldives as a recreational diving instructor and we were leading dive centers on different islands. During this time I realized that divers who are calling themselves experienced have problems with basic scuba diving skills. Here in 2015 finally we had the chance to participate in a GUE Fundamentals class with the help of Zsolt Szilágyi, which changed our diving forever. This was the point when I decided to become a GUE Instructor. In 2016 I started the work of becoming a part of the world's best diving educators. While interning a lot in GUE courses I was able to achieve a Cave 1 certification in France, and I became a Tech 1 and DPV 1 diver as well after this in Croatia. In October 2016 I was ready to organize my instructor exam class and Jesper Berglund helped me in achieving my goal. After my GUE Fundamentals Instructor level I achieved a Rec 1 Instructor status in November 2016. Not so long after that arriving in Mexico I achieved the level of Cave 2 diver by Fred Devos, became a member of MCEP and upgraded by Gideon Liew to teach Rec 2 and 3. In 2019 I became a DPV Cave diver with the help of Chris Le Maillot, did a Cave Sidemount class with Osama Gobara and a Tech 2 class with Gideon Liew. At the moment I teach in Mexico for GUE: Fundamentlas, Rec 1, Rec 2, Rec 3, Gas Blender, Doubles, Drysuit, Triox, Rescue and Navigation courses, and I have experience in diving all around the globe and I'm ready to travel anywhere for individual classes if needed. Not only that my main passion and job is to teach diving, I studied at the Semmelweis University Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Budapest, Hungary and I have a university degree in Humankynesiology too. I have approximately 3000 dives in different environments like cave, wreck, decompression, drift and DPV dives. My future aspiration is to achieve cave and technical instructor rating in GUE and gain even more experience in cave diving.

My goal is to introduce the GUE way of diving and to educate divers to get a solid and safe basis of scuba diving skills for these individuals.

You can find my GUE instructor résumé: here

Laszlo Cseh

I was born in 1988, in Sopron, Hungary,  and my first contact with diving was during a family holiday in 2006. I was always a person who wanted to be in, around or under the water, so the fascination for the underwater realm thanks to my first scuba diving experience came really naturally, and I wanted to have immediately more of this wonderful activity. I continued my diving education in the PADI system, where I became an instructor in 2012. In the meantime I gathered recreational diving experience and began with technical diving. It was a logical step for me after this to continue in the technical field of diving, as I felt I needed to expand my limits, and the courses I can offer to my students. In 2014 we became with my wife the possibility to run a dive center in the Maldives, and we stayed in the country for 2 years teaching at different islands. We started to realize very soon the problems of the recreational diving industry, as we saw the foundational problems which even experienced divers had. After this we were looking around the internet, and found a GUE Instructor who offered his help in showing us the safest and best possible way of diving. We heard already about his organization, but we never thought that what incredible knowledge and procedures are behind the whole picture until we took a Fundamentals class with him. This changed our view of scuba diving forever. Although we tried to promote the benefits of standardized diving in our current jobs back then, they were unwelcome, and the possibilities to improve as educators were slim too, so in the end we decided to leave the Maldives. In Europe 2016, I began with interning to become a GUE entry level Instructor. In the meantime I accomplished Cave 1, Tech 1 and DPV 1 training. With the help of Jesper Berglund, I was able to finish my final instructor evaluation in November 2016, and I became a GUE Instructor for Fundamentals, Rec 1, Doubles and Drysuit. After my IE we decided to move to Mexico and teach there. It was here where I became a Cave 2 diver, a member of MCEP, DPV1, Triox and Gas Blender Instructor. In 2019 I achieved the level of GUE Cave 1 Instructor, became a Cave DPV, Cave Sidemount and Tech 2 diver. I have not given up in trying to deliver the highest quality of recreational diver training, but I'm also very interested in taking and teaching other GUE classes, participate in projects, and develop myself especially in cave diving, as this became my primary passion after meeting Global Underwater Explorers.

You can find my GUE instructor résumé: here