Cavern tours

Mexican cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula considered to have the biggest and most diverse cavern zones in the world! Diving conditions in these water filled underground passages are ideal all year round in terms of water temperature, visibility and flow. Thanks to it's geological location and history, the caves and caverns in this region have beautiful limestone formations, fossils, tree and mangrove roots, halocline (a layer between fresh and salt water) and marine life unique to this special ecosystem.


The cavern zones are open to divers with at least a GUE Rec 1 or Fundamentals Rec pass certification and 25+ dives, and the accompaniment of a qualified guide.

Cavern zone is a part of the cave where you can see the natural day light, dive only in bigger passages and have a maximum penetration of 60 meters from the open water with a possibility of a fast surface. For higher safety, only three divers per guide are allowed. Most of the cenotes intended for cavern diving have cavern guide lines, which lead throughout the entire cavern zones, for better orientation. If the permanent guide line is not present, your guide will run the line during the dive. Entrance to the cave system is always marked by a warning sign. Local cenotes are 10-45 minutes far by car and in one cavern tour we visit 2 different spots. Depending on the cavern line length and the divers' gas consumption the dives take 40-70 minutes each. 

Guided cave dives

Mexican caves offer the best places to go cave diving in the world! In a few 10 km radius of the Riviera Maya you can find 100+ great cave locations next to each other. The water conditions are always ideal with a constant visibility of 70-100 meters and water temperatures around 26 Celsius. The shallow average depths of the dives allow for long penetrations, many times without the need for longer decompression. Certified cave divers can reach highly decorated rooms, with plenty of beautiful cave formations unique to this region.

The caves are beyond the natural daylight zone and are open to Cave 1, 2, DPV Cave or Sidemount divers. 

For additional safety there are no more then 2 cave divers per guide, so teams are no bigger then 3 persons. Your guide will involve you in the planning and execution of the dive, and will carry additional gas where feasible. Gas planning will take into account divers' capacity, experience, team size and complexity of the dive. Caves can be reached in 15-50 minutes by car, and in one day's tour we either visit 2 different cave passages in one system, we go to 2 different sites or make one longer stage and/or DPV cave dive.