About Global Underwater Explorers

Global Underwater Explorers emerged out of a shared desire to safely explore and protect the underwater world and to improve the quality of education and research in all things aquatic. In line with the original vision of its founding members, GUE is committed to:

  • Developing safe, skilled, and knowledgeable divers

  • Undertaking and promoting underwater research

  • Pursuing global underwater exploration

  • Safeguarding the integrity of the underwater world

  • Providing the public with a comprehensive resource on all things aquatic.

Working to redefine the ties binding the average underwater enthusiast to underwater explorers, conservationists, and scientific researchers, GUE is committed to the overall goal of promoting the interests of the underwater world and of those who seek to engage it.

GUE has become a global leader in scuba education. One inspiration for GUE’s creation was to provide the highest quality diver training programs possible to produce divers who are skilled, competent, and safe—and having fun! Enhanced diving skills increase diver safety, reduce damage to fragile marine ecosystems, and open the door to expanded opportunities for exploration and conservation of diverse underwater environments.

Our leaders and members have advanced scuba experience that enables them to safely reach depths and locations that many divers never could. This means we can offer much-needed assistance to researchers around the world, as well as launch our own unique initiatives. Today, the bulk of our conservation and exploration efforts fall under the umbrella of Project Baseline. The overarching mission for Project Baseline is for participants worldwide to survey and record their local aquatic environments with photos, video, and data logs, as a baseline against which future changes can be measured.

Our vision is to establish an educated, proficient global community of scuba divers inspired and empowered to conserve and explore the world’s aquatic environments. If you support such education, conservation, and exploration efforts, please consider becoming a GUE member or explore GUE's website for details on other ways you can get involved.