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Mexican caves offer the best places to go cave diving in the world! In a few 10 km radius of the Riviera Maya you can find 100+ great cave locations next to each other. The water conditions are always ideal with a constant visibility of 70-100 meters and water temperatures around  26 Celsius. The shallow average depths of the dives allow for long penetrations, many times without the need for longer decompression.

The caves are beyond the natural daylight zone and are open to Cave 1, 2, DPV Cave or Sidemount divers.

  • For additional safety there are no more then 2 cave divers per guide, so teams are no bigger then 3 persons.

  • Your guide will involve you in the planning and execution of the dive, and will carry additional gas where feasible.

  • Gas planning will take into account divers' capacity, experience, team size and complexity of the dive.

  • Caves can be reached in 15-50 minutes by car.

  • In one day's tour we either visit 2 different cave passages in one system, we go to 2 different sites or make one longer stage and/or DPV cave dive.

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