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One of the core components in GUE’s diving and equipment configuration is the use of underwater propulsion vehicles, also so called „scooters” or DPVs. For the first look it might not be immediately obvious why this equipment is so useful to our dives, other than the f...

Divers who are new to GUE training or already hold a level 1 certification wonder what is really going on a level 2 training. What is the difference compared to a level 1 class? What skills, procedures will they be taught?

For solid divers who have sufficient experience...

Recreational scuba diving is the most common type of scuba diving activity what people participate in our sport. This particular part of the industry is growing in a very fast pace, because many instructors or dive shop owners have seen the financial benefit of pushing...

Many maybe don’t even know what kind of geological wonders are hidden under the surface of the capital city of Hungary in Budapest. Early as the roman times this region was already famous about it’s thermal water springs, which was used to establish different well-know...

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