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to the official website of Emőke Wagner and Laszlo Cseh!                   

We would like to dedicate this website to all of those, who would like to explore the underwater realm in the safest and most efficient way, while we deliver the diving industry's highest quality standards in diver training according to Global Underwater Explorers' philosophy. Our goal is to show interested individuals the "GUE-way" of diving and thinking, doesn't matter if someone is already a diver or would like to become one. 

We believe, that there is a strong need for quality diver education on the market, and by showing our passion, dedication and experience of the sport students can understand the many benefits of safe diving. 

It is equally important to realize, that the earth's aquatic resources are of measureless value, and as damages to these resources are growing, GUE concentrates in the same time not only to improve the education of divers, we have very strong and productive conservation and exploration efforts as well, from where our equipment configuration and procedures has grown. Therefore, GUE divers can be sure that everything they learn during training will have a realistic application to real diving situations and they can become the future support for GUE's many diving projects around the world.

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